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The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

I don’t know if the 3d Lashes are a difficult project for beautefui lady ? Here are some examples of how to wear fake eyelashes, which ones are good, and what to wear.

First come to a photo before wearing, you can see that the eyes are not very good.

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

1. Use the eyelash assist clip to gently remove a set of eyelashes. Be careful not to deform the lashes of the eyelashes.

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

2, gently remove the residual glue at the root of the false eyelashes 

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

3, compare the length on the eyes

4, remove the long part of the eye, if the eye is particularly short, you can also cut off to adjust the balance.

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

5, hold the eyelashes at both ends to adjust the shape of the eyelashes

6, evenly apply glue, pay attention to not too much and not too little

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

7. Use eyelashes to help the false eyelashes fit on the side of the real eyelashes to ensure tightness.

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

8, use eyeliner pen to fill the eyeliner to cover the false eyelash glue marks

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

9, brush the upper and lower eyelashes to make true and false eyelashes glue together to increase the curl

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

10, if the eyelashes are not enough, you can use the eyelash curler to quickly clip the eyelashes again.

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

11. Gently pry off the excess fiber that has been dropped

The Most Complete 3d Lashes Tutorial In History

The complete false eyelashes are worn, it’s simple

How to pick false eyelashes?

Of course, the more natural the better! False eyelashes are divided into transparent stems and cotton stems. The transparent stems are naturally many. Now I use them. Some brands have partial false eyelashes that can be attached to the end of the eye. But that kind of technology is really needed. Once I was afraid of the whole row, I bought Aidel’s partial false eyelashes and tried to stick myself.

What brand of false eyelashes is good?

The first is Aidale false eyelashes, the price is dozens of pairs. Natural type has 108,110, babies, thick type has 126, luckies, thick but not exaggerated.

Followed by Taiwan’s handmade false eyelashes, almost 8-10 pieces can buy a good Taiwanese handmade false eyelashes. If you wear it every day, you can buy a cheaper one, 2-5 pieces.

Finally, there are three trees, which are very cheap and suitable for beginners. However, the three trees are more fake than the previous two, but it is still possible to practice at the beginning, and the price is high.

What is the fake eyelash glue?

Eyelash glue is very important! The best word of mouth is MAC’s duo, followed by Peilan and Ai Dyer glue, as well as Japanese dup 552, dry and transparent, very easy to use! Some of the treasures mentioned above are sold. When attaching false eyelashes, be careful to wait until the glue is half dry and then stick it, otherwise it will fall off easily.

How to unload false eyelashes?

Generally it is good to take it down, but some of the more sticky can be removed with eye and lip makeup remover, put the makeup remover on the cotton pad, then put it on the eyes for a few minutes, then wash it with warm water, and Johnson & Johnson baby emollient The oil can be used to remove makeup, it is very easy to use and not irritating!

How many times can fake eyelashes be used?

Look at the individual! I can use more than ten times like Ai Dale. My standard is to clean and not deform. Just a few dollars will be lost once, and you will not go out with false eyelashes every day. !

 stickers false eyelashes attention options

– Before wearing false eyelashes, keep the eyelids (especially on the skin near the roots of the eyelashes) without oil. You can first use the oil-absorbing paper to suck it.

– You can pinch your own eyelashes before you stick, and make eye shadows.

– Take the false eyelashes out of the box, do not apply glue, put the eyelashes along the root of the eyelashes, and cut off the part that is longer than the length of your eye. The length of the entire eyelash is shorter than the length of your own eye, so don’t get too close to the corner of your eye after wearing it.

– Hold the ends of the eyelashes to bend and move the muscles of the eyelashes, so that the eyelashes can be bent. After bending, the arcs of the eyes are bent as much as possible to make the arcs of their eyes the best.

– Put the glue, and wait until the glue looks translucent before you start to paste. Don’t get too close to the corners of your eyes, so you won’t be blind.

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