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It’s Easy To Create A Glamorous Big Eye With Mink Eyelash Extensions!

It’s Easy To Create A Glamorous Big Eye With Mink Eyelash Extensions!

Feel the trouble of sticking 3d mink strip eyelashes every day, but not satisfied with the dullness of mascara, then try magical eyelash grafting! It takes only a short time to make you instantly transform, save makeup time and help you get rid of makeup! mink eyelash extensionsHowever, many small partners will inevitably have some confusion: Will frequent grafting of mink extensions lash, hurt the true eyelashes 3D? Can I make eye makeup after I have finished mink lash extensions near me? How to remove the makeup remover?

Choose The Length And Thickness Of The Eyelashes

Different mink extensions can make the eye shape show different effects. It is best to refer to some grafting cases before picking up the 8mm mink extensions, pick out the shape that suits your eye shape, and communicate with the eyelashes on the spot. If you have the habit of wearing glasses on a regular basis, you should consider the length and curl of the eyelashes to avoid getting stuck in the lens.mink eyelash extensions

Will Grafting Mink Extensions Hurt True lashes?

The most important principle of Mink Extensions is that only one false eyelash is attached to a true eyelash. This will not cause the true eyelashes to break, and it will not stick directly to the root of the eyelashes when connected, leaving a distance of about 0.5mm to not irritate the hair follicles, cause sensitivity or hinder eyelash growth.

How long does it last?

Under normal circumstances, the length of eyelash retention after grafting depends on the grafting technique of the eyelashes, the quality of the eyelashes and glue used, the maintenance of the individual after grafting, and the natural growth of the eyelashes. Under normal circumstances, it can be maintained for about one month.mink eyelash extensions

How Long Does The Mink Eyelash Extensions Last?

I usually wake up and wake up. After rolling through the night, the Mink Eyelash Extensions that I receive will become messy. At this time, I can use the eyelash comb to comb the eyelashes one-wayly, so that the Mink Eyelash Extensions can be restored. It is important to note that the intensity is light so that the eyelashes are not combed.

How To Draw After The Eyelash Makeup?

The eye shadow can be painted as usual, and the eyeliner can be omitted. In fact, after the eyelashes are received, it does not affect the eye makeup. The grafted eyelashes become very dense and have the effect of invisible eyeliner, so the steps of the eyeliner can be omitted, so that the subsequent cleaning will be relatively simple and will not damage the grafting. eyelash.mink eyelash extensionsv

How To Remove Makeup Will Not Hurt The Eyelashes?

Choose a cleansing water remover, the oil’s molecules are small, it is easy to dissolve the glue at the lashes, causing the eyelashes to fall off early, and choosing makeup remover will not worry about it. However, it should be noted that when unloading, apply it first, then wipe it off, remember not to squat back and forth, so that you can remove the eye makeup, and you are not afraid of hurting the grafted eyelashes. mink eyelash extensions

Does Sweating Cause The Eyelashes To Fall Quickly?

Not necessarily, the persistence of eyelashes has a direct relationship with the technique of the eyelashes. A good eyelash artist can definitely make the eyelashes graft natural and firm without affecting the health of their eyelashes. mink eyelash extensionsEyelashing is really a great experience. Natural, long, curling and rooted effects can satisfy all the imaginations of the eyelashes. However, its charm is not only that, in the face of every important but not too late, as long as it is there, even if you do not make up, you can look good. Do You Know: How To Choose Strip Eyelashes Extensions According To Different Eye Types

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