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How To Use Instagram To Promote 3d Eyelash individuals Marketing

How To Use Instagram To Promote 3d Eyelash individuals Marketing

Ins is a “free” tool to help you wholesale mink  eyelash products. It can increase the number of fake eyelashes shop views, and thus increase the order quantity of false eyelash products. Next, let’s take a look at how to use ins to let buyers know about your false eyelashes?

First, create an Ins account, fake eyelash shop name is your ins user name. Your profile should be clear and tell others who you are and what you do. Then remember to attach a link to the fake eyelash shop.

Second, my fake eyelash product photo was taken with the iPhone, and then the app used to edit the photo is “A Color Story”. You can send more beautiful fake eyelashes photos every day. I generally like to use white or beige as the base, so the picture is smaller and fresher~

List a few photos of the tips, you can look at:

1. False eyelashes on the photo can be found in your store;

2. When the fake eyelashes are made to special price, you can take photos and upload them to the ins;

3. Take more recent photos of some false eyelash products;

4. Take more photos of some fake eyelashes when they are used. For example, if you are selling clothes or jewelry, you can take more pictures of the clothes worn on the model;

5. Take the process of making your fake eyelashes and let others know the details.

6. Put the false eyelashes on the plane, then take a picture, so that the photos of the false eyelashes are very good, just like they are painted on the top (pictured);

7. Take a picture of where you work, or a tool for false eyelash products;

8. Then you can take a photo of yourself and let the fake eyelashes buyers know about you.

Third, you can count the data every week to see what time period ins online users, user comments and “likes”, how popular your photos are. You can also monitor this data with a third-party app.

Fourth, how to use the label?

The tag (#) can also help you attract new fans and buyers. But pay attention to these matters:

1. You can use around 30 labels for each ins;

2. The label should be related to your false eyelash products, Missen lashes brand and false eyelash customer base;

3. Don’t use some vague labels, such as #fun, #happy, or #life, it is easy to give people a feeling of ignorance;

4. The label must be relevant to your feed. Instead of what you said is Halloween, the picture is also related to Halloween, but the label is not related to Christmas, so it is not good;

5. Do not label the image title. The correct way is title + picture + comment (with a label attached to the comment);

6. Sort the labels and separate the commonly used labels into a single form, which is stored in the computer and mobile phone;

7. Labels can be used alternately. Don’t use a few tags every time. Think of some new, hot tags;

8. Labels can be related to the activities of your store. For example, when you are doing “mink lashes”, you can write “#shop misenlash”;

9. You can find those popular tags in the explore feed. Popular tags are generally related to what happened recently or on the day, such as #bestfriendsday, #donutday, etc.

10. You can mix and match the meaning of the generic and specific labels, so that the scope of coverage is wide. Such as #clothing and #t-shirts.

5. How to find false eyelash labels?

Go ahead and find some labels that are relevant to your fake 3d mink eyelashes. For example, if you are selling fake eyelashes, go to #Jminklashes. Then you will see “top posts”, the more popular fake eyelash tags. If you are related to your product, learn from it and remember to take more notes.

Sixth, strive to improve their activity in the ins. Join some communities and make more friends. It is best for users in this community to have the same hobbies as you, or to sell similar fake eyelashes, so that there is a topic to talk about, and it can also inspire your creation and sales. Participate in some hot topics, recommend friends from time to time, like + comments.

Seven, you can tell the fans on the ins that the store is doing special activities, and strive to let their friends also participate, this increases the participation of false eyelash users, so that false eyelash products are known by more people.


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