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How Do You Set Up  Lashes Wholesale Shoppable On Lnstagram?

How Do You Set Up  Lashes Wholesale Shoppable On Lnstagram?

mink lashes wholesale sellers can add the Instagram sales channel in the official way, in the shopify background, generally let the seller add Facebook first, then add Instagram, because the two are one. An Instagram shop that opens 3D mink lashes requires the fake eyelashes seller to delete the page password and bind the payment method. If you haven’t done shopify, you will be interested in the background APPs. This is a tool for uploading products. The mink lashes cheap seller can directly click on the distribution source to upload the  3D mink lashes cheap product. mink lashes strips sellers can also quickly sell 25mm Siberian Mink Lashes to the products in the store and move directly to shopify.

How Do You Set Up  Lashes Wholesale Shoppable On Lnstagram?

In “oberlo”, sellers can add credit cards and payment methods to set up the logistics to be selected. Sellers can choose the payment method they have to set up. Sellers can also create a referral link to earn commissions.

How Do You Set Up  Lashes Wholesale Shoppable On Lnstagram?

After registering through the mailbox, the mink lashes 3d seller fills in the billing address and enters the plan selection interface. For most false eyelash sellers, only the $29 plan is required. On the home page of shopify, there will be an overview of the data and tips for optimizing the store, as well as some articles on learning to use shopify.

How Do You Set Up  Lashes Wholesale Shoppable On Lnstagram?

In addition, shopify has an order management system that can create custom orders that are more versatile than AliExpress. In the mink lashes 3d product function, the seller can also add mink lashes 3d products, as long as the title, description, first picture, details page and other related information can be improved.

In “Product Management”, mink lashes 3d sellers can add product variants, product labels, import products, add product inventory, etc.

If the mink lashes 3d seller needs to send the goods to the customer automatically during the order delivery and transportation, you can set it in the “Notification”.

Inventory management is an inventory management for different mink lashes 3d products. The information in the data overview will include total sales, total visitors, conversion rate and other information. In the creation of discounts, fake eyelash sellers can create a variety of discount forms, such as mink lashes 3d sellers can set discounts based on the number of customers purchased.

In fact, shopify has tools with different functions, and false eyelash sellers can choose to use according to their needs. In the home decoration, you can choose some free templates, you can also import templates, and you can make some modifications. In the payment setting, the seller can choose according to his actual situation.

Shopify’s back-end functions basically meet the needs of the fake eyelash seller’s store operations. As for the problem of overturning the wall, the seller can add Mr. Xu Ze’s WeChat to learn more.

In fact, combining Facebook and Instagram can help mink lashes 3d sellers expand their business. It not only helps sellers identify and locate accurate false eyelash customers. Increase customer sales of mink lashes 3d with customer engagement.

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