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What Should I Do If The Mink Lashes Stick Together When Grafting  Eyelash Extensions?

What Should I Do If The Mink Lashes Stick Together When Grafting  Eyelash Extensions?

I often get some friends to ask. What should I do if I get mink lashes together after I get home the eyelash extensions? Let’s take a look now~~

Reasons For 3D Mink  Lashes Sticking Together When Grafting Eyelash Extensions

My skin is easy to get oil

I have oily or semi-oily skin care products when I wash my face.

When applying eye cream, do not use too much massage until it is completely absorbed. The eyes are closed and just the long eyelashes are in contact with the eyelids. The eye cream runs on the mink lashes 3d.

In the near future, the eyes are prone to secretions (eyelids), and the  mink lashes are yellowish or white to see.

Sleeping while sleeping or squatting on the quilt, the mink lashes animal will be stuck together if they are overwhelmed.

When the eyeliner is drawn, it is drawn into the root of the 3d eyelashes, so that the normal lashes are crushed by the eyeliner.

After grafting the mink lashes , you need to wear mink lashes cruelty free for taking pictures or taking part in some activities. The glue of the 3d lashes is particularly sticky, which may cause the mink lashes full to have no correct direction.

Apply mascara that is not easy to clean (do not apply mascara after eyelashes are recommended).

The way to touch the eyelashes is wrong. There is no one-to-one connection between the roots, but the ones that come out one by one, the glue sticks together a pair of 3d  mink lashes full. (This suggestion is removed and reworked)

Types Of 3d Mink  Eyelash Treatments

3d Mink  Eyelash waist cleaning: Take two cotton swabs, take pure water, one above the mink lashes from china, one under the beauty 3d mink lashes, and two cotton swabs to gently rub the mink lashes back and forth.

3d Mink  Eyelash  root cleaning: Take a cotton swab, take pure water, lift the upper eyelid with one hand, and gently wipe the root of the eyelash with a wet cotton swab. If you have eyelids, you need to use a cotton swab to pick up the water and soften the secretion. It is. (Note that you should gently rub it, and if you use it too much, it will wipe the eyelashes off)

Blow dry: Use the minimum wind speed of the hair dryer to gently dry the d curl mink individual lashes.

Combing: Gently comb the 3d Mink  Eyelash with a small comb.

Just imagine:

The 3d Mink  Eyelash are the same as normal hair. If the hair does not wash for a few days, it will stick together when it encounters oil.
When you sleep, your hair will be messy and not shaped, right?
Only after grooming will it be neat. The hair is washed, dried, combed, and it will be neatly spread out, right?

The above problems are more practical for new guests who are wearing 3d Mink  Eyelash. The experience of long-term eyelashes is very good, and the eyelashes are very clean and complete!

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