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The Sexiest Part Of  A Woman Is Long Eyelashes

The Sexiest Part Of  A Woman Is Long Eyelashes

But what if the eyelashes are not long enough? You can use mascara, use eyelash growth liquid, to grow an eyelash, and a shortcut is to apply false eyelashes. The difference is that mascara is a more modern product, and  3d individual mink eyelashes private label are not just the cleverness of modern people. Ancient people will play very early.

However, in the distant Middle Ages, aesthetics often gave way to social conventions.

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Because the church determined that any form of fur decoration is an erotic lure, the medieval forced people to pull out false eyelashes. This also explains why educated women are more willing to leave their forehead hairstyles, and they even have to pull out their eyebrows (you can see similar features in medieval portraits).

However, no matter how the church suppresses, long eyelashes are recognized as good-looking and fashionable throughout the history of mankind.

The ancient encyclopedic writer of ancient Rome, the old Pliny with “Nature History” once commented on the eyelashes: “The eyelashes are extremely sexy incarnations, so women with normal length of eyelashes are good, so that you can show chastity.”

Old Pliny may be too conservative. But this did not prevent the women of ancient Rome from drawing eyeliners, just like what they are doing now. Probably the long eyelashes and eyeliner have the same effect – let the eyes look deeper.

Although the eyeliner will make your eyes look more lively, the charm of the strip eyelashes mink hair has not been replaced by eyeliner.

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 ▲ Illustrator of 1882 false eyelashes sewn into the eyelids

3d private label eyelashes
 ▲ adhesive eyelashes

3d private label eyelashes
 ▲ 1936 beauty room eyelash grafting

This is why in the 19th century, when long eyelashes became a trend, some very beautiful beauty methods appeared – transplanting hair to the eyelids.

It is said that people who do this kind of surgery have to suffer considerable pain. The French Parisians invented this cruel surgery. The original method of use was to use natural hair to sew into the eyelids. This method is not anesthesia, and the painful process can be imagined.

Therefore, those who cannot do this kind of surgery are more willing to choose to use sticky 3d private label eyelashes. This eyelash is made of natural hair and sticks to silk or gauze, or to the skin.

However, the adhesive false eyelash products have caused a lot of trouble on the way to evolution. In 1879, a writer from The Royal Cornwall Gazette commented: “Several custom logo mink eyelashes float on the tea she drank. The lady is still chatting with people, completely ignorant.”

Although Anna Taylor obtained the invention patent for false eyelashes in 1911, until 1916, mink single eyelashes did not become a more popular beauty product, and movie actors were the main consumer groups. In the same year, when D.W. Griffith filmed the film Intolerance, he wanted the actress Seena Owen’s eyelashes 3d to “snap like a fan”, so he asked the assistant to use the mink lashes glue on the Halloween fake beard to put mink 3d lashes on Seena Owen.

According to another actor, Lilian Gish, he later wrote: “In the morning, Seena Owen came to the studio and her eyes were almost like being covered by mink eyelashes 3d. But in the camera, she was beautiful.”

In 1921, actors liked to wear eyelashes mink 3d mink lashes- some even said that wearing false eyelashes 3d can protect the glasses from radiation. Women flocked to the salon to plant mink strip lashes.

One columnist later wrote: “If a beautiful girl looks at you, looking at you through her long, thick mink eyelashes 4d, don’t feel arbitrarily. You know, this lashing 3d real mink lashes may not belong to her. , at least until she bought it with money.

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