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Teach You To Use 6d Mink Strip Lashes Private Label Again And Again

Teach You To Use 6d Mink Strip Lashes Private Label Again And Again

Many people put their 6d mink strip lashes private label on the eyelashes. When they are unloaded, they will throw away the cheap mink strip lashes that have been attached to the eyes. In fact, the siberian mink strip lashes can be repeatedly applied after their care. How to maintain fake eyelashes 6d? The following is the maintenance of fake mink eyelashes. Method.

False eyelash maintenance method one

Although the 6d mink lashes strip are delicate and delicate, they will be particularly weak. Therefore, when using the graft to buy, you can not forcefully pull the edge of the mink strip eyelashes uk hard, but follow the direction of the thin strip mink lashes and quietly take the false eyelashes from the box. Take out.

False eyelash maintenance method two

When taking out the false eyelashes, you should pinch the center of the mink strip lashes and pull them out. When you pull out the 6d false eyelashes, you must do it. You can’t pull two or three false eyelashes down.

False eyelash maintenance method three

False eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned after use, and can be placed in the false eyelashes box. After the false eyelashes are used up, the mink lashes glue on the false eyelashes must be thoroughly cleaned. Keep in mind that eye shadow powder, mascara and eyeliner can not remain in the mink strip lashes private label. On, otherwise it will break the mink strip lashes uk.

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