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high quality 25mm mink strip 3d  lashes wholesale

high quality 25mm mink strip 3d  lashes wholesale

Misen Lashes was founded in 2002. Since then, Located in the beautiful coastal city – Qingdao. we have been focusing on OEM production for more than 16 years. After years of hard work, we have now become a leading manufacturer in the beauty industry in China.

After establishing strategic partnerships with many well-known companies, we understand what customers really care about.Product quality is one of our cornerstones. We have our own quality control system to ensure that each shipment meets production requirements.Misen Lashes is known for its strong innovation capabilities. Our R&D team is dedicated to helping our customers become stronger in the marketplace.

25mm Bulk Strip lashes wholesale Description

25mm Strip Lashes are light-weight and comfortable to wear because the fibres are softer and lighter, and naturally carry a beautiful curl. With Misen’s mink lashes, we also use a handcrafted cotton band that is extremely flexible, offering unparalleled comfort and ease of application. Every strand of Misen’smink lashes are expertly crafted by hand to create a unique and natural effect that no machine or synthetic lashes can imitate. Each fur strand is ultra fine, with the ends tapered off, giving you lashes that are virtually indistinguishable from your own.

25mm Lashes Wholesale Feature

Our 25mm lashes wholesale are expertly crafted by hand to create a unique and natural effect that no machine.
It allows for a light, soft, fluffy and ultimately, more natural look, matching to a similar quality of natural mink fur  lashes.
It create a very light-weight experience when wearing the lashes, with much lower sheen for a beautiful, natural look.
Since the 25mm siberian mink lashes strands are ultra-fine and tapered, they hold a beautiful curl, and they’re virtually indistinguishable from your natural lashes once applied.
It’s very durable and you can wear them for up to 20 times or even more.

College Students, Selling Eyelashes At Home, Current Monthly Sales Of 10,000$

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Reason Why You Chose Misen Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Reason Why You Chose Misen Eyelash Vendors Wholesale

Professional Worker . Our worker was working in mink eyelashes more then ten years time , they have First-class manual worker one day can make 10 pairs mink lashes only,so that we can keep our mink lashes quanltty is the best

Use the Rew Material We use the 100% real mink fur , the fur all is from yong minks from 1years to 2 years old . because the young mink have the fur is more glossy and vital . the furis collecte when the minks fall their hair every year . all is natural fall hair .

So Many Kinds Of Styles , We have mink lashes designers, We have so many kinds of styles lashes , we have more then 300 styles to choose from the buyer , we also can make the lashes base on your sample or photo or your other request to make the lashes

Custom Packagings , Our custom packaging for own brand , our professional designers are designing custom packaging with your won private label . that is our good service .

Fast Delivery Time ,We alway have stock lashes, We use the UPS DHL FEDEX courier express , it only cost 3-5days delivery time. Let you received the products very fast .

Dior Mink Lashes Factory

Mink False Lashes Mink Eyelashes

Our Mink Eyelashes are made of 100% natural mink fur. Mink Eyelashes are made from individually selected mink fur hairs that have been harvested by gently brushing live animals from Siberian, Russia. In this process, no animals will be harmed.

Hot sales for hot fashionable Mink Eyelashes, Come to Get inspired by Mink Eyelashes with luxury custom package . Our lashes is natural looking, soft with fast delivery. Beautiful Mink false lashes with big discount for day or night glam. Worldwide shipping Directly From Factory and Free sample Available.

Mink Eyelashes custom box are 100% handmade, no chemically treated or dyed,they are rich and velvet like appearance found in mink fur is totally maintained.these mink lashes are the softest hairs around the world.

In her Meet The Team profile, Misenlashes Digital Designer Nadine Head-Gordon had this nugget of wisdom to share: “I used to get mink lashes, when you essentially get synthetic eyelashes semi-permanently glued onto your real eyelashes. I wanted to look like Bambi. I was on a date with a guy and one of them fell onto my cheek, and he told me make a wish. So I made a wish on a fake eyelash. That was when I decided to get them removed.” In our book, this makes her the office expert on the topic. So we coerced her to write us all a guide to share with the world. Because who doesn’t want to have semi-permanent Misenlashes Mink Eyelashes custom box, too?6 Things You Need to Know About Mink false lashes

Despite working at a beauty company, I am the laziest of the lazy when it comes to getting ready in the morning. In my ideal world, I would wake up looking exactly as I did the day before—this is why, for most of 9th grade, Mink lashes I slept in my makeup. That doesn’t work and I don’t recommend it.

Then in 2012 came the answer to my prayers: Mink false lashes. Similar to the ones you can get on your head, mink lashes are individual lashes, made of silk, mink, or something synthetic, that are attached to your Mink lashes  existing lashes semi-permanently. If you’ve ever dream of waking up with Bambi lashes but without that ring of leftover mascara dangling a foot under your eye, this is your solution. Curious? At least a little? Good, so get off Google search—here’s everything you need to know about getting Mink false lashes:

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3D Mink Lashes Wholesale 25mm Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Vendor

3D Mink Lashes Wholesale 25mm Siberian Mink Strip Lashes Vendor

Many people only look at the price of the product when purchasing 25mm mink strip lashes and 25mm siberian mink lashes . The price in the Internet era is very transparent. No one dares to have a high price unless the25mm siberian mink lashes product is really worthy. To do high-end 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes products requires faith. He knows the mink lashes market positioning and he knows how to choose. Know which mink strip lashes  market should give up, which  25mm mink strip lashes market should be adhered to.

Because our  25mm mink strip lashes 25mm siberian mink lashes are elegant, high quality, good selling, many Mink lashes Vendors and Mink Lash Vendors Wholesale take the pictures of our Mink strip lashes to the customer to confirm, give customers a low price to fight for orders, and the actual received Mink strip lashes and confirmed 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes  are completely different, or some Ok, some are poor, the quality is not uniform.

The price of 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes is one point. The market response from different designers is different. The 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes designed by mink lashes  designers always lead the market. He knows the consumer demand of the final consumer. How to give the final consumer a different feeling?

Bad  3D mink lashes designers will only copy and imitate. It is not possible to make a different mink lashes  product from the perspective of the fina 3d mink lashes consumer.

The 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes  made by different levels of workers are completely different. The understanding of the designer’s concept by the workers and the understanding of the beauty of the 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes products by the workers are different. Good workers can directly grasp the designer’s philosophy in every process, and every process can be perfect!

Unsatisfactory workers just do what they are, not serious. The 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes hat came out were also rough.

The 25mm mink strip lashes,25mm siberian mink lashes that are made are not sold well. The products that the workers come out are rough and ugly. You can’t bring beauty when you bring them. It is uncomfortable or even ugly. What you face is the constant return of consumers!

In the Internet age, we have no reason to give you high prices. In the same product quality, our price is the best! We just want to bring you more business opportunities, just want to bring you the most beautiful eyelashes in the first time!

Why Choose Eyelash Vendors Wholesale Mink Lashes With Innovative Capabilities?


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What Is The Most Popular 5d Eyelash In 2019?

What Is The Most Popular 5d Eyelashes In 2019?

Dear friend, it will be over in 2018. If you can see this article, I guess you are a fan of strip  mink eyelashes, whether you want to grow your brand or start your brand, we are all fans of mink eyelashes.

Since 2015,  Mink eyelashes have been loved by more people, and more and more people are beginning to use mink strip  eyelashes to make themselves more beautiful. In 2017, the most popular  mink eyelashes are 3D mink eyelashes. In 2018, the most popular is the 25mm mink strip lashes and 18-21mm mink strip lashes.
If you can know the most popular  mink eyelashes in 2019, you must be sure. Now, I want to congratulate, you have to know right away.

What Is The Most Popular 5d Eyelash In 2019?

New opportunities are here,The new opportunity is at Misen Lashes. If you have seen and believe in the miracle of 25mm mink strip eyelashes, if you miss the opportunity of 25mm mink lashes and 18-21mm mink strip lashes, now your chance is coming, the opportunity of 20mm mink strip lashes is in front of you.

What Is The Most Popular 5d Eyelash In 2019?
The 25mm mink strip lashes  and 18-21mm mink strip lashes is a miracle in the world of six months, and its creator,  Misen Lashes, now puts the second miracle in front of you.
If you are about to start a cosmetics 18-21mm mink strip lashes business, you will be grateful to see this blog’s day many years later.
If 25mm mink eyelashes has brought you a lot of benefits, what are you waiting for in the face of 20mm mink lashes and 18-21mm mink strip lashes?

What Are The Best 3D Fake Lashes To Buy?