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Eyelash Customers Reviews & Feedbacks (Amazing!!!)

Eyelash Customers Reviews &  Feedbacks


     We are a professional 3d mink eyelash vendors and 25mm mink lashes wholesaler, we can custom eyelash packaging cases & boxes.
We produce of 16mm/18mm/20mm/22mm/25mm mink eyelashes and received a lot of reviews and feedbacks from customers every day.

   “Omg I got lashes there so soft and nice and light I’ll be ordering some more eyelashes from you soon, but I have to you have any semi natural lashes?   “

     “Hello I forgot to let you know! But the lashes were perfect thank you very much!!!”

      “I received the package like a week ago and I loved the lashes sooo much they were so beautiful! I only wore one pair,I haven’t tried the rest yet ,So many people were asking me where I got it from.”

     “Received the package and I love labels!!! “

     ” I will order more soon!!!…....I have received my eyelashes and they are beautiful !!!”