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[Mink Lashes 3D And 25mm Mink Strip Lashes] eyes are doubled instantly

[Mink Lashes 3D And 25mm Mink Strip Lashes] Eyes Are Doubled Nstantly

For many girls,  Mink Lashes 3D And 25mm Mink Strip Lashes are a great invention, in addition to allowing the eyes to have a magnified feel, but also make the eyes more charming.

In fact, the mink lashes china help the changes of the five senses very much, and can double your eyes in minutes. However, many girls have natural mink eyelashes that are shorter or more collapsed. Some people say that Mink Lashes 3D And 25mm Mink Strip Lashes an be solved! However, for most girls, mink lashes extensionsare actually a tool that is difficult to operate. How to stick it tightly in the right place is not a skill that every girl knows.

Methods and techniques for attaching mink lashes good

Step1: First, after taking the  Mink Lashes 3d out of the box, first remove the mink lashes glue stuck to it, and then trim the length of the mink Lashes 3d according to your own eye shape.

 mink lashes good
mink lashes good

Step2: Next, squeeze the mink lashes glue of the  eyelashes onto the box, and then apply the roots of the mink Lashes 3d one by one, and the glue should be more mink lashes glue at the end of the eye to avoid falling.

mink lashes good
mink lashes

Step3: After that, the state of the mink lashes glue is half dry and the eyelashes begin to formally stick. When sticking to the mink Lashes 3d , the eyes look down, then start at the middle of the eye, and finally adjust the position of the end of the eye.

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mink lashes good

Step4: After sticking the mink Lashes 3d , in order to make the mink Lashes 3d more natural, you can use the mascara to sweep the true and mink Lashes 3d together, then curl the  mink eyelashes and fill the gaps with the eyeliner at the root of the 3d mink  eyelashes. The eyes are getting brighter.

In this simple way, you can make your eyes double in size! Practice at home!

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