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How to unload the faux mink lashes 4d synthetic false eyelashes

How to unload the faux mink lashes 4d synthetic false eyelashes

Many women love to wear fake mink  eyelashes in their eyes when they are wearing makeup. This can make the eyes look bigger and more radiant, and make the whole eye makeup more attractive. However, in the time of makeup removal, many women do not know how to unload 4d synthetic false eyelashes of the eye. How to disassemble the mink strip eyelashes uk becomes a problem for many women, because if the siberian mink strip lashes are removed improperly, the eyelashes of the eye will be scattered, and even the person will be damaged. Eyes, how to unload false eyelashes? How to properly remove false eyelashes? The following article will answer you.

Step 1: Use a cotton swab to remove excess makeup oil, first wipe the roots of the eyelashes. It is worth noting that when wiping the roots of the mink eye lashes, be sure to gently and gently clean the siberian mink strip lashes .

Step 2:The root of the natural mink strip lashes that have been wiped with the cleansing oil will be scattered after a few minutes, so don’t force the mink strip lashes that stick to the eyelids when you unload the false eyelashes. The original eyelashes are torn apart, and forcing the false eyelashes for a long time will make the eyelids loose or even droop.

Step 3: After the false eyelashes 4d are completely removed from the makeup oil, use a clean makeup remover to pour the new cleansing oil onto the cleansing cotton, then apply the makeup remover to the eyes and apply the makeup remover. When you are in the eyes, be sure to close your eyes. This will prevent the cleansing oil from entering the eyes and hurt your eyes. After the makeup remover cotton is applied for 10 seconds in the eye, take off the makeup remover cotton. When you take off the makeup remover, you should take it gently and gently, and the  mink strip lashes will be easily removed.

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