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How To Unload 5d Real Mink Eyelash Glue

How To Unload 5d Real Mink Eyelash Glue

strip lashes  individual can make your eyes look very cute, but when you want to remove makeup, the trouble comes. How to remove the sticky glue, don’t worry, today Xiaobian will teach you how to unload the 3d mink eyelash glue.

eyelash glue 1. The strip lashes mink you just bought cannot be worn immediately. You should have enough time and energy to trim the false eyelashes to fit your length. The ideal strip lashes after extensions should be attached one by one, which is the most natural. But many women like to use eyelashes, which is more convenient.
2. The most suitable color for oriental women is dark brown or black, which can be natural with your own eyelashes.
3. Carefully trim the strip lashes mink. Do not hang 3d mink eyelashes from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. If you look closely at your own eyelashes, you will find that the inner eye corners do not have long mink eyelashes, so you should havestrip lashes best one millimeter away from the inner corner of the eye. Most mink eyelashes 3d on the market come with adhesives. If not, surgical adhesives can be used.

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4. Apply a little adhesive to the false eyelashes, apply a layer of mascara on your own eyelashes, face the mirror, gently press the strip lashes cheap along the lash roots, and press for about 10 seconds to make the true and strip lashes cheap Completely matched. If the eyelashes of the corner of the eye fall off, this means that there is not much glue, that is, the eyelashes are not pressed well. At this time, you can use a toothpick, put a little glue on the corner of the eye, and then carefully hold the eyelashes, the glue will dry the eyelashes and fix it.

If you do everything well, the eyelashes are pressed to the root of the eyelashes, and if the mascara and eyeliner are well applied, you should not see the strip lashes cheap. If the mascara and eyeliner are well applied, you should not see false eyelashes. trace. In addition, the eyelashes of the left and right eyes should be symmetrical and consistent, proportional to the entire face. Finally, quickly open and close your eyes several times to see if the false eyelashes will fall.

5. Apply eyeliner to the eyelashes, or use eyeliner to apply mascara on the true and strip lashes daily. This is especially good. Don’t use 3d strip lashes daily on the lower eyelids because it looks very exaggerated. It is best to use only mascara for the makeup of the lower eyelids.

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