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How To Take Off 25mm Mink Strip Lashes At Home

How To Take Off 25mm Mink Strip Lashes At Home

Many girls who are just beginning to learn makeup will have difficulty wearing mink lashes with cruelty free . How can 25mm mink strip lashes look good? Today Xiaobian teaches everyone how to wear 25mm lashes strip, easy to learn, to be a girl with long eyelashes, beautiful!

Relax your eyes, then use your 25mm lashes curler to gently and properly curl your 3d eyelashes. The purpose is to make the 25mm lashes strip look better and more natural. (Of course not clipping, but the shape of the 25mm lashes strip will not look so good)

Put the false eyelashes on your own 25mm strip lashes with tweezers, leave a position of about 3mm in the eye part (this will make the25mm eyelashes natural), and then cut off the extra eyelashes.

Apply a layer of glue along the root of the false eyelashes. Do not apply too thick and appear too fake. Apply more glue to the ends to prevent the eyelashes from lifting.

Gently pinch the 5mm mink lashes strips with tweezers, fix the position of the false eyelashes, start from the middle, and then fix the corners of the eyes and the ends of the eyes. Let the roots of the 25mm 3d mink lashes stick to the 3d eyelashes.


Hold the false eyelashes with your hand for a few seconds, until the glue is completely dry and then loose. Check that the root of the 25mm lashes and the false eyelashes are completely fit, and squeeze slightly like the roots to make the 25mm siberian mink lashes more compliant.


After sticking the 25 mm mink lashes, use the eyeliner to sketch the roots of the25mm  eyelashes. The eyeliner can be thicker than usual, and the length should be more than 3mm from the end of the eye. This makes the eyeliner better and the eyes look more beautiful.

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