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How To Identify The Material Of 3D Mnk Strip Eyelashes

How To Identify The Material Of 3D Mnk Strip Eyelashes

3d mink eyelashes can make women’s eyes look better, mink strip eyelashes can enlarge the eyes, and make our eyes more beautiful. But mink strip eyelashes 3d have some professional knowledge that we must understand.

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The first is the classification of eyelashes from the material, which is generally divided into synthetic eyelashes, silk protein fiber eyelashes, mink hair and natural hair. Synthetic eyelashes have the advantage of lower price and varietrr y of styles, and individual colors can be selected.

Synthetic Eyelashes Shortcomings 

The material is hard, heavy, and easy to crush the eyelashes. Followed by the silk protein fiber eyelashes, the weight of the eyelashes is the lightest of the three, not easy to crush the eyelashes, with a certain shape and curl.

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At the same time his shortcomings are fewer styles. Then there is the water mane. This kind of strip eyelashes has the advantage of being close to real hair, soft and natural hair, and good gloss. At the same time, its shortcoming is that, like human hair, the water roll is easy to fall, and there is no thickness.

Mink Strip Eyelash Strengths

Soft, natural, but needs care. The disadvantage of this type of eyelash is that most natural Mink strip eyelashes are fakes. Even if they are, they will be dull because they have no vitality. Especially, they are not elastic, not waterproof, and are not suitable for eyelash grafting.


The second is to classify the eyelashes from the curling of the eyelashes. Generally, eyelashes are divided into C roll, j roll and D roll. In general, the C-roll, the degree of curl is relatively strong, and the curling effect of the useful curler looks like a doll, but it is weaker with the natural mink strip false eyelashes sticking part, so it is very easy to fall off.

Then there is the J roll. This curling of the mink strip false eyelashesis naturally rolled up at the end. It is suitable for Asians to use eyelashes. It is very natural and most popular. The part with the natural 3d eyelash paste is stronger and lasts longer. Then there is the D roll, which can make the sparse eyelashes 3d appear thick, without the need to paste the entire eyelash, and the grafting time is short, which can be used to highlight the middle part.

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