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How To Choose 3d False Eyelashes Beauty For Different Eye Types?

How To Choose 3d False Eyelashes Beauty For Different Eye Types?

There are many things in the world that can make you beautiful. What kind of repairing sticks are used to brighten liquid eyes and 3d false eyelashes beauty, but do you really use them? I have told you all about the use of 3d luxury mink eyelashes. clear band false eyelashes are definitely another artifact that magnifies the eyes after the eyebrows are attached. The mink eyelashes 3d that are flashing and flashing are mysterious and sexy, and it is also a great thing to play. Although thehigh quality 3d mink eyelashes are good, but the treatment is not good, then the points are reduced instead of extra points! Let us first look at the misunderstanding of mink luxury eyelashes!

Let Me Tell You The Difference Between Various Eyelashes

1. The eyelashes are long and thin, covering the original double eyelid fold line, but also the eyeball is small, the eyeball is very prominent, so shocking!

2, the position of the paste is wrong, the corner of the eye is drooping, and there is no sudden awkwardness in the eyes.

3, the eyelash shape is too exaggerated, the roots are clearly not the case! Unless this is a fake eyelashes and a big party, you can’t walk out of the house.

4, the adhesive is not strong enough, the position of the eye is particularly easy to fall off, this situation is good!

Therefore, choosing the right and short, appropriate and appropriate false eyelashes is the best policy!

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