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different eye types have different eyelashes

different eye types have different eyelashes

Single eyelids: Most eyelids lack support. You can choose hard eyelashes to increase your support. If you have a thick fat eyelid, you can use a pair of hard eyelashes to support the double eyelids. Oh.

Or, like our cousin, keep your oriental beauty, use natural-style false eyelashes and use eye shadow, the gas field is completely open.

Double eyelids: These eye types are more pleasing, and they are best suited for false eyelashes with transparent stems. You can try a variety of long or exaggerated styles.

Internal double: Avoid false eyelashes that are too long, but look small. The too natural eyelash style is too weak, it is not like a sticker, so the encrypted natural model of the encryption style is the most suitable.

The eyes are too round: make up for the problem of the eyes being too round by lengthening the tail. For the same reason, if your eye shape is too long, use intermediate encryption.