Custom Eyelashes Packaging

Custom Eyelashes Packaging 

Before custom packaging begins, please make sure you know and agree to this treaty.

1. Eyelash custom packaging is usually divided into: A side, B side, Cside, D side, E side. Please select the box model you want to create in the catalog and the layout you want. to add.

Custom eyelashes packaging instructions

2. If you want to add custom content, please provide clear and complete information. If you request a custom package based on the data without providing clear material, you will be responsible for the consequences.

3. We can make once custom package simulation chart for you free of charge before payment. Please be assured that we will start producti on after you confirm the design and production.

4. Orders with a custom packaging quantity below 1000 require 10 working days to complete production after confirming production.please wait patiently.