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What should I do with false eyelashes new retail? Misen Lashes tells you the answer!

What should I do with false eyelashes new retail? Misen Lashes tells you the answer!

Since the concept of new retail, Misen Lashes is exploring new retail models for its own mink lashes. Other false eyelashes are no exception. The new online retail line-up combined with the sale of false eyelashes seems to bring a glimmer of life to the fake eyelash cosmetics store in trouble. However, after more than a year of experimentation and exploration, the effect is often not ideal. What is the new retail model suitable for the false eyelash industry? This question deserves our serious consideration!


1. Where is the fake eyelash retail store at the crossroads?

In recent years, one of the most mentioned words in the false eyelash retail industry is “cold winter”. The performance of physical stores has been declining, competition has intensified, and costs have risen. Every cosmetics store owner is lamenting that “business is difficult to do”. The fake eyelash retail industry has begun a new round of changes, e-commerce upgrades, department stores’ cost-sinking, all businesses seem to be at a crossroads, I don’t know the next direction. But Misen Lashes can guide the false eyelashes business in the United States and start the false eyelash business.


Misen Lashes believes that this is the worst era, but there are also best opportunities. If everything is good, there may not be too many opportunities to move forward. Today, false eyelash consumers are becoming more professional and critical; the cost of opening a store is getting higher and higher; the advantages of product margins, discounts and consumer acceptance are getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, the upgrade of false eyelashes means that consumers’ purchasing power becomes stronger. Professional consumers also mean that they no longer need to spend large sums of money on market education. The maturity of channels and diversification of products are all brought to the false eyelash retail industry. There is an unprecedented opportunity. Therefore, this is an era that needs to seize opportunities through change!

Cognition of change is the basis for finding solutions. Misen Lashes analysis: Today’s consumers will become more and more lazy, more and more homes, consumers will also become more and more difficult to reach the eyelashes; today, there are 500,000 cosmetic brands around the world, with policy changes, More and more international brands will enter the US market, and product updates in physical stores are very slow; in the past, physical stores only need to find the right place, find the right sales staff, find the right goods can rest easy, but today’s consumers may be enough Without leaving the house, the original advantage of the fake eyelash store is gradually losing.


2 online and offline combination to establish a “strong link” with false eyelash consumers

The key to breaking the situation lies in the reshaping of consumer relations: breaking barriers in space, intuitive input in value, maximum satisfaction in goods, and gaining benefits in life.

How to perfectly combine online and offline, let the false eyelashes merchants get the dual advantages of e-commerce and physical stores at the same time, is the key to exploring the retail model of new false eyelashes. Nowadays, many fake eyelash stores are trying to introduce some e-commerce platforms, micro-smarts, etc., but because the physical store and the e-commerce platform main body are inconsistent, the online platform operation cannot be performed well, and the effect is often poor.


And the new Mien lashes 5.0 store, combining people, goods, fields, networks, and circles, will be integrated into physical stores, online malls, and social networks to create a strong link with consumers! The online store gets a store. The misen lashes online store solves the problem of limited offline store capacity, limited SKU, no 24-hour service and geographical restrictions.

In addition, the Machine Mall not only sells false eyelashes, but also has a large number of false eyelash tools. For example, tweezers, brushes, boxes and glue. One-stop shop to meet the needs of false eyelash consumers. In the time and area where the false eyelash store can not provide services for consumers, fake eyelash consumers can still buy the fake eyelash products they want, effectively preventing the loss of customers.

What do fake eyelash consumers need, what we offer; when do consumers want, when are we; where are consumers, where are we!


In a changing market environment, changing with the changes of consumers will not be eliminated by the market. While constantly exploring new retail models, Misen Lashes is also keeping up with the trend, opening stores on facebook, instagram, Youtube. It is this spirit of continuous exploration and constant experimentation that points out the direction of future development for colleagues in the false eyelash retail industry!