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Getting Tired of 3d Lashes? Some Sources Of Inspiration That’ll Rekindle Your Love

Getting Tired of 3d Lashes? Some Sources Of Inspiration That’ll Rekindle Your Love

Getting Tired of 3d Mink Lashes? Some Sources Of Inspiration That’ll Rekindle Your Love,Saying that the eyes are the windows of the soul! The eyes will look at people, the eyes will talk, the eyes can express emotions, in short, the eyes can be expressive. There is one of the most important “guardians” in the eyes, that is, eyelashes! The eyes are 2  , relying on eyelashes! It is the savior of small eyes and the helper of big eyes.

Goddess to passers-by really only one eyelash distance

But are these girls’ eyelashes perfect?

OMG is really the “guardian” of the eye.

Not afraid of the wind, not afraid of the rain

Don’t learn the negative textbook

Too exaggerated, but it destroys the beauty

The following small series will teach you to draw the highest level of eyelashes.

Eyelash thick and supernatural

Different eye types are suitable for different growth methods.

Single eyelids: There are no obvious wrinkles in the upper eyelids, not enough stereoscopic, and the roots of the eyelashes are not obvious. Single eyelids are more common in Asia, so this type of eye has also been called the “Asian Eye.”

Internal double eyelids: The eyelids of the upper eyelids are swollen, and the roots of the eyelashes are deeply hidden in the eyelids. The eyelashes are not curled and easily rush to the ground for growth. After brushing the eyelashes, it is easy to stick to the eyelids everywhere. It is also blind to draw a 5mm thick eyeliner.

Double eyelids: unique conditions, eyelashes are obvious, and more curling than the general eye shape. For the same length of eyelashes, people with double eyelids look longer. The eyeliner is also better, and the eyes look bigger.

Single eyelid

From the front, the girl with single eyelids is suitable for false eyelashes. The effect is not exaggerated, but you must choose natural false eyelashes. Secondly, the effect of grafting the eyelashes is not bad, but it does not need to emphasize the length of the eyelashes too much. The effect of mascara is limited, and the effect is not obvious for a single eyelid.

From the side, girls with single eyelids are more suitable for planting false eyelashes or eyelashes. And it is best to choose thick and thick false eyelashes, double eyelids will look very exaggerated. But it will make your single eyelids very spiritual, and make your eyes wide and horizontal, but very natural, mainly the effect of refreshing is very obvious.

Eyelashes should not be too neat, and the length of the interlacing is more natural.

Double eyelid

From the front, the uniform length of the false eyelashes is not suitable for the inner double eye type, and it looks a bit fake. The eyelashes that are planted can be selected from different lengths and are suitable for the inner eyes.

From the side, sticking false eyelashes will make the eyelashes look like a very stiff line, not as natural as planting eyelashes. The mascara is very easy to stick to the eyelids, and the makeup is applied to the eyelids in the afternoon. Therefore, we recommend the inner double eye type to choose planting or single bunch of false eyelashes.

Double eyelid

From the front: the length of the eyelashes we use for the three eye types is the same. The single eyelids look natural, but the double eyelids look a little fake, which is determined by the eye shape. Therefore, if you choose to plant eyelashes with double eyelids, you must choose a shorter style.

Viewed from the side, the false eyelashes are all exposed and look too fake. The effect of brushing mascara is more natural, and the curling effect is also good. Therefore, mascara is the best choice for double eyelids.
Zooming in on the eyes is not the longer the eyelashes, the better. In fact, the shorter ones are more suitable for everyday dressing.

How can I make the mascara brush flawless?

When brushing eyelashes

To keep the “Z” shape brushed up from the root

In order to evenly apply all the eyelashes to the mascara

And be sure to clip the eyelashes before brushing the mascara

In order to ensure that the eyelashes are quite straight,