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MISEN LASHES is  high quality Cruelty Free Siberian  manufacturer and  Vendors Wholesale Usa of  Mink Eyelashes.  MISEN LASHES has won the trust and support of thousands of 3DMink Eyelash Entrepreneur with fast delivery, quality products and considerate after-sales service.  MISEN LASHES is now well-known in the United States. And the world’s  Real mink eyelashes suppliers wholesale we will continue to design, continuous innovation, let our mink strip eyelashes customers starting 3D Mink Eyelashes Line

In the past few years, many 3d  mink strip lashes customers have consulted us about continuously improving the quality of our mink lash extensions products, and constantly designing new styles of  25mm Siberian Mink Lashes for mink lash and beauty. We also have  100% mink lashes customers requesting the highest quality 18-20mm mink eyelashes 3d on the market, so that our 3d mink strip eyelashes Customers will be more competitive and be invincible in an increasingly competitive market!

You know that not all 3d mink eyelashes are of the same quality, we really want to produce and supply quality that looks good and is completely different from the market’s wholesale mink eyelashes USA eyelash manufacturer and private label 3d mink lashes wholesale. If you continue reading, you will know.

About Misen Lashes  Mink Eyelash Vendors

Qindao  Misen Industrial Co LTD is a well known 3D Mink strip lash manufacturer in China and high quality Mink Eyelash Vendors in Usa . The Luxury mink lash look shiny and vivid, which can add a dramatic look to your eye make up and boom your appearance instantly.

Our 25mm mink strip  eyelashes is one of the leaders in fashion field of Qingdao. We have designed 600 styles of fashion  minklashes. Also as one of the biggest and most professional minklashes manufacturers mink eyelashes vendors in China. We ad here to our aim of “to  mink strip  eyelashes manufacture usa the best quality products and offer the best service”. Each producing process of our minklashes is under strict quality control, from materials to workflow. So each pair of  private label mink eyelashes delivered to you are in good quality.

We started producing 100% real mink lashes three years ago. When we first started product mink strip lashes, we produced more than 100 pairs of  Mink Individual Lashes Personal Purchases  each time and distributed it to our own workers and friends, and mink lashes difference customers gave them free to let them experience. The mink lashes in store that make the experiment will let them experience it for themselves. How about the mink eyelashes beauty? Is the mink eyelashes comfortable? Is it natural to look at the mirror? How about the softness of the lash line? Every time everyone finishes the experience, they will do an experience report, so that we can improve the quality of our cruelty free lashes  by experiencing the improvement of the report.

After hundreds of experiments and hundreds of experiences, we have succeeded in making the  25mm Mink Lashes, 25mm Siberian Mink Strip Lashes icompletely suitable for people. This is the result of many people, and we will also do a questionnaire. “How do you feel wearing this mink lashes eyelash extensions? Would you recommend this mink lashes from china to your friends or family? We will achieve 90% product experience satisfaction, we will sell the  Real 3D Mink Lashes cruelty free to the market, we are very much looking forward to giving us a lot of feedback. Then listen to the Handmade Mink Lasehs customer’s feedback, and then further revision, so that after a total of two years of hard work, we have done the best, we can say that we succeeded.

For a person who Wholesale Mink Lashes Vendor usa and 3D Mink Eyelash Manufacturer , it is not difficult to wholesale eyelashes. The hard part is how you can find a quality ,fake mink lash vendorsReal mink eyelashes suppliers wholesale  and provide you with high quality natural mink lashes. This is very important if you always wholesale 3D mink eyelash cheap. The price, poor quality mink eyelashes, your sales work may be simple, but your after-sales will be very difficult to do, you will encounter a lot of returns, you will lose a lot of 6d mink lashes customers, you will be your 7d mink lashes eyelash business Lose confidence, please remember that if you are always doing  Regular Mink Lashes customers, you will never succeed if you don’t have old mink lashes fast shipping customers!

Why Do Some Starting Mink Lash Businesses And Mink Eyelashes Wholesale USA Grow Bigger And Bigger?

On the contrary, some starting a mink lash entrepreneurs’ businesses and mink eyelashes wholesale USA are getting smaller and smaller. Why do the same mink lashes business  efforts result in different results? Let us answer you: Because you chose the wrong 3d mink lashes cruelty free at the beginning, which leads to no more efforts, the 3d mink lashes extensions are originally a brand-like product. Customers customize their own LOGO packaging minklash boxes, but the quality of the 3d mink lashes wholesale private label will not form a brand. ? Even if you have more 3d mink lashes wholesale private label customer groups, 3d lashes mink natural quality is not good, your customer base is more, once you buy it, you won’t buy it again, and you won’t recommend it to others.

On the other hand, if you buy 100% real siberian mink lashes product, your customer base is not much, but you start selling it to a person. First, this person will buy it again. Second, this person may also introduce three people to buy your 100% real siberian mink lashes . This kind of minkeyelash business is also very simple to do, viral marketing is to do so, but viral marketing really needs best quality mink lashes, a good brand without good quality 100% 3d mink lashes products is impossible to achieve.

If you really want to make a brand, you have to choose a best quality mink eyelash in china. If you just choose the cheapest minklash, you still have to be a brand. I suggest you don’t waste your time because 99% will fail. ! If you still have to do it, you can only waste your money and time. It is our sincere advice, because we have encountered too many customers to do this. I hope that you will be prepared before you decide on the wholesale minklash, think about it, do market research, investigate faux mink eyelash  , and experience the 3d mink lashes.

Why Can’t We Wholesale Cheap Mink Eyelash Products (Low Quality Products)?

1. The sample 3d mink eyelashes you purchase for the first time may not be the same as the quality of the products you purchased in mink eyelashes bulk!
2. The sample mink strip eyelash style you purchased may differ greatly from the size of your goose feathers purchased in bulk!
3. You buy a cheap mink eyelashes stem is very hard, your customer is wearing just like wearing a wire, I believe he will not buy your minklashed extensions again in the future.
4. The minklashed extensions you purchase are asymmetrical, because the price is low, the Mink Lashes Wholesale and 3D Mink strip lash manufacturer will not pick out the defective 3D Mink strip lash at all, and sell them to you in one piece!
5. The tip of the curl mink lashes you bought is inconsistent with the mink hair root and is very unattractive!
6. The mink lash hair you buy will fall off because of the low-cost glue supplied by the commercial.
7. The mink eyelashes 3d you buy smell chemical, this is the smell of perm, which is carcinogenic.
8. The beauty mink lashes  you buy are made by hand and semi-automatic machines. You can do more than 100 pairs a day. Our product workers are handmade. You can only do 10 pairs a day. You think that you can do 100 pairs of beauty mink lashes and do 10 pairs of products in one day. What’s the difference?

Of course, the above beauty mink lashes defects will not have these phenomena, because we have been revised in two years, of course, if we correct these factors, then our cost is several times higher than the low-quality 3d mink eyelash products!

Let Me Introduce 5d Mink Lashes Strip What Is 5d Mink Eyelash Extension?

Compared with other types of 5d mink lashes, 5D mink eyelashes are made by hand-made hair. The material is made of shampoo with mink fur animal cruelty. It is a natural black protein that looks very natural on the mink a fur and the hair curl of the mink eyelashes cruelty. Not the same, it looks like a 5D effect, so it is called 5D mink eyelashes c curl. This mink eyelash is the best 5d minklash and the most expensive.

The5d  mink eyelashes extensions we made is 4-8 layers, it looks more full and full, and it has a 5D brother. Once the customer looks really addictive, it makes people feel like they can’t wait to wear. There are many styles of 5d mink eyelashes for cheap, and the 5d mink eyelashes effects of different styles are different. Some are more natural and some are very charming. Once you compare our  5d mink lashes   with cheap5d strip eyelashes, I believe you will definitely not use cheap mink bristles. Don’t tell me that cheap mink lashes also have a  5d mink eyelashes market, because the 5d mink eyelashes market will always shift, you can wait until all customers are transferred to When you look at high-grade 5d minklash , do you think of starting to promote high-end 5d mink eyelashes individual?

There are more than 100 types of 5d mink eyelashes natural, and we are constantly designing new styles. Our mink eyelash 5d styles range from natural to more open to more dramatic eyelashes. Recently we have designed 10 large models. 5d curl mink lashes ,mink  eyelashes 25mm in length, are very popular in the market! If you are looking for a more dramatic look, then you will like our big mink eyelashes, it looks very full, we as a production supplier we hope to bring you more style choices. Let your customers wear everyday eye styles! Different styles give you the same feeling every day.

Our mink lashes are very durable. We recommend that you wear them 20-25 times. They can be washed with water during use and then blown dry with a hair dryer. The 5D effect is still so good!

How To Use 25mm Mink Lashes Strips And 3d siberian mink lashes 

If you need more information, please click here  《 How To Wear  Mink  Strip Lashes, Teach You How To Wear Fake Mink Eye Lashes Easily

Customers Show 100% Real 3D Mink Lashes And 25mm Mink Lashes@misenlash

Customers Show 100% Real 3D Mink Lashes

How To Start Your Own 5D Mink Strip Eyelashes Line/Brand?

If you want to start Your Mink eyelash business, you have to read this tips on creating your Mink eyelashes brand Line. I think It’s easier and cheaper than you imagent , OK 1. Now, I am going to Teach you the experience in start my own mink eyelashes brand for .Please Click Here 《 Easy Way To Start My Own Eyelashes Line》

Reason Why You Chose Us

We Have Won 5d Mink Eyelashes Design Team

His name is Aaron. Aaron is one of the two most famous designers. Every year when his new style lashes launched it will quickly become hot selling products. He also designs for existing customers. If you want to have this privilege just need to cooperate with us. The inspiration comes from real life, and we blend it in our 3D Mink Lashes.

In addition to the mink lashes wholesale quality, the powerful design capability also plays a significant role in our high speed growth process. Our professional dynamic and cohesive team has made great contribution to the continuous success of Misen Lashes . Our  team has been engaging in the 3D Eyelashes product design process and promoted the innovation of 5D Mink EyeLashes in the world market.

We constantly update Mink Lashes new styles, continuous innovation is our company’s core competitiveness, our customers continue to promote our new styles, so that our customers’ sales are very competitive, so customers will seize market opportunities and win huge Profit, if you choose a supplier without own design term, once the style is not popular in the market, they can’t make new products. And you can not get the popular style lasehs to how custoemr and sell it ,  This is a huge loss for you, you have to spend energy to find new suppliers.

Private Label Customized Mink Eyelashes Cheap Packing Box 

Worldwide Shipping Available

Fast  Shipment Time. If you want to buy 10-100 pairs of eyelashes, we can ship them directly from our stock. If you need 100-100 pairs, our delivery time is 10 days, if you need 1000 pairs -300 pairs, our delivery time is 15 days, if you need 3000 -1000 pairs, our delivery time is 30 days.

Fast Delivery Time : Our cooperative logistics company: UPS DHL FEDexshipping time is about 3-5days. Let you receive the goods quickly, saving you more precious time.

After Sales Service : We have a very good service team, if you have any questions about the mink lasehs, you can contact our after-sales service team, we will 24 sales to answer your questions, give you the best service is our constant demand.

Worldwide Shipping Available

We Also Provide Website Construction Services.

If you have a beautiful website to showcase your quality 25mm mink eyelashes and get a lot of traffic and orders are the key to sales. If you need 3D mink  eyelashes, you can also contact us directly. The cost of one year is 699$, we can show the effect to your website, and then you can buy it after you are satisfied.

If you order our website, we will install and customize the design by our designers, then we will make the product pictures and upload the website, and we need you to provide your LOGO, information, contact information, and each page needs to be filled out. The content is sent to us, we can complete the website within 3 days, and we give you the website login information, so you can accept the order by yourself, don’t worry about the operation problem, if you will operate FACEBOOK to send dynamic messages, you will You can use our website to receive orders and operational shipments in the background, making it your own website.

We are professionally providing one-stop all-in-one to the mink lash eyelash wholesaler, so that your, how to start a mink eyelash business will get bigger and bigger!

We Received Some Feedback From Our Customers

We Received Some Feedback From Our Customers That They Bought Lashes From One Supplier But Quality Was Different Between Two Times.

First time,quality is good.But second time with more quantities,the quality become bad.It is undeniable that there are some dishonest suppliers in market cheating customers.They disrupt the market order but it will bring discredit on themselves finally.However, from beginning to end we always deliver the great quality lashes to our customers with strict examination.So there is no need to worry when you bought our 3D Mink Lashes and we are with strong willing to cooperate with you for long term.

In market,a lot of suppliers sets minimum order quantity.

Their MOQ is 200 pairs,but provide very bad quality lashes as much lower price just for one-shot deal. A lot of customers can not resist the temptation to buy it. Then they lost much.At the same time,for suppliers such behavior make themselves not only loss customers also hurt their own reputation.We all know cosmetics are different with other products.Great cosmetics can make people more confident and bring them happy experience.Only proving great quality cosmetics, suppliers can build famous and powerful brand.

Do You Have Some Questions ?

1.Can I have a sample order for 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Yes, we welcome sample order to test and check quality. Mixed samples are acceptab.

2. Do you have any MOQ limit for 3D Mink Eyelashes?

Low MOQ, A Pair for sample checking is available

3. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?

We usually ship by DHL, UPS, FedEx or TNT. It usually takes 2-5 days to arrive. Airline and sea shipping also optional.

4.Is it OK to print my logo on Box of 3D Mink Eyelashes product?

Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

5. What is the price range for each pair of eyelash?

Please contact us for specific lashes price based on specific style.

6. Do you take orders for customizing packages?

Yes, we do. Our designer can help you to do your own packaging.

7. How many times can 3D mink fur strip eyelashes be used?

20-30 times in proper and gentle way.

8. How do you make the mink fur?

It is collected when minks fall their hair every year.

How to Cooperation With You 

1.After we send you offer and you confirm all the reqeust then we can sigend a contract or make a order confirmaton , sign it by our each others

2.After the order confirmation , we are wating for your make payment , our payment term Payment 1.T/T  2.W/U 3.M/G 4.Paypal 5.Alibaba Trade unsurrance .

3.Afrer we received your PAYMENT , Then we will arrange the worker to handmde it , also we will package the Mink Eyelasehes before we shipment .

4.We will shipment by good condition box to you by coruier DHL  UPS or Fedex , and we will tell you the tracking number for your tracking and get the lashes on time

5.We have a very good service team, after you received the mink lashes  ,if you have any questions about the mink lasehs, you can contact our after-sales service team, we will 24 sales to answer your questions, give you the best service is our constant demand.

6.If you have any inquiry , Please contact with our Email or WhatsApp , and we can confirm the order reqeust like style , quantity,packaing box, shipment time , and other Requirement .

How To Order Our Wholesale Mink Eyelashes ? Contact Us Below :

Email: misenlashes@gmail.com

Paypal using clients can directly place order by :

Paypal Account: gaosensen@163.com

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